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Crude Oil

Crude oil is one of the most important natural resources in the world and one of the most frequently traded commodities. Spot crude oil trading can be conducted on the EGML platform, i.e., a spot contract with the crude oil of a specific quality as the subject matter of the trading. It is a CFD trade that does not involve the commodity itself, and only uses margin as risk guarantee. It adopts the T+0 trading system, in which investors can buy on the way up or down, without being restricted by daily price limit. It also features low risk and flexible settlement method, making it suitable for cash-out. Investment performance is stronger than other types of trades, with higher returns. The EGML platform now provides customers with US crude oil (West Texas Intermediate Oil) and Brent crude oil, which are widely traded in the market. Investors can conduct trades easily with only one account.

Brent crude oil

It is mainly produced in the North Sea Brent area along the north Britain in the north of the North Atlantic, and has been widely traded in markets of futures, over-the-counter swaps, forward and spot. At present, BRENT crude oil is the core of the global crude oil pricing system, which is regarded as a "highly flexible tool for risk aversion and trading". Besides, the price formed in Brent market system is directly or indirectly taken as the price benchmark in about 70% of international crude oil trade.


Mainly produced in the United States, WTI crude oil is a kind of common crude oil in North America. All crude oil produced or sold in the United States is priced on the basis of light sweet WTI. The contract for crude oil futures has good liquidity and high price transparency, which is one of the three benchmark prices in the world crude oil market.