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1. Trading platform with diversified products:

Only one computer is required for the trading of all major capital products such as foreign exchange, energy, and metals.

2. Advanced graph tool:

Simple and advanced graphs make you always seize the initiative.

3. Latest trading quote:

Obtain quotations from the interbank and transaction trading system, allowing investors to get transparent and real-time information.

4. Real-time CNN news:

Dakras Markets Limited also provides investors with real-time news from CNN, allowing investors to get the first-hand information.

5. Unprecedented excellence and high efficiency:

In addition to providing the latest quotations, the unique advanced technology provides you with timely trading and execution instructions, with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

6. Online inquiry of account:

You can check your position, asset value, profit and loss and other information and status at any time throughout the day through the online back-end business system, which is simple, convenient and clear.

7. Advanced trading procedures:

The most innovative trading strategies, including placing orders, stop-loss orders, limit orders and timely transaction orders, are adopted.

Safety, reliability and all-weather support

An improved trading platform, plus 24-hour customer service and trading support, allows investors to get in touch with professional customer service representatives via phone and e-mail at any time.